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Saturday 1 June 2024

US-China Relations Newsletter: June 2024 (Ongoing Updates)

  • Xi calls for more university exchanges with US to boost ties 
  • US envoy warns Hungary that close ties with China 'come with strings attached' 
  • China accuses US of undermining nuclear disarmament 
  • US expands Russia sanctions, targeting entities in China, UAE and Turkey 
  • China says US provoking arms race in moves into South China Sea 
  • US defense secretary says war with China neither imminent nor unavoidable 
  • Chinese defense minister accuses US of causing friction with its support for Taiwan and Philippines 
  • US nuclear weapons in South Korea would undermine its security: Chinese embassy spokesperson 
  • China opposes U.S. blockade against Cuba: Chinese FM 
  • China police chief, US homeland security head discuss law enforcement cooperation 
  • US voices concern as China investigates attack on American teachers 
  • US lawmakers grill Microsoft president over China ties and hacks 
  • Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron seek joint US-France response on China trade after tensions 
  • US bans imports from 3 Chinese companies over ties to forced labor 

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