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Wednesday 1 May 2024

US-China Relations Newsletter: May 2024 (Ongoing Updates)

  • Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin hit out at US in China-Russia show of solidarity 
  • China sanctions former US lawmaker who supported Taiwan 
  • US congressional delegation arrives in Taiwan 
  • US-China AI dialogue: US cites 'misuse' by China, Beijing protests restrictions 
  • Over 40% of Americans see China as an enemy, Pew report shows 
  • Chinese Embassy in Washington provides safety advice for Chinese in US 
  • China resumes cooperating with US on illegal migration 
  • US 'deeply concerned' over China military drills in Taiwan Strait: State Dept 
  • US imposes sanctions on companies in China for support of Russia’s war in Ukraine 
  • China sanctions Boeing and two others for Taiwan arms sales 
  • New US strategy looks to blunt Russian and Chinese influence in cyberspace 
  • US defence chief Lloyd Austin to meet Chinese counterpart this month 
  • Biden hikes tariffs on Chinese EVs, solar cells, steel, aluminum 
  • US revokes Intel and Qualcomm's export licenses to sell to China's Huawei 
  • US adds 37 Chinese entities to trade blacklist 
  • US blocks imports from 26 more Chinese companies over forced labor concerns 
  • China launches anti-dumping probe into chemicals from US and EU 
  • Chinese foreign minister accuses US of bullying with sanctions 
  • TikTok and China’s ByteDance sue to block US law seeking sale or ban of app 
  • Huawei beats Apple in China for huge profits despite US sanctions 

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