Myth of co-existence amid the rise of populism

By Ramsha Qaiser. 

Populism cannot be defined by one set of distinctive features but rather it holds Universal differential traits among itself consisting of different countries that show populist political structures in the discourse and show distinctive policy structures. Like any political structure of the world populist parties are also divided among the right wing, left wing and centrist if you want to analyses as to why populist leaders got chosen by the people. There have been for many centuries rise of popular leaders in different countries the left wing populist leader’s would work to pitch the people of the country against the existing government. The right wing populism show triadic properties as they pitch the people against Elite.

Future of the Middle Eastern Strategic Alliance

By Assawer Toheed. 

The Middle Eastern Strategic Alliance (MESA) is the United States of America’s relatively recent venture into and attempt towards maintaining its control over the Middle East. As a result, another one of these alliances pertaining to enhancing partnerships among the Middle Eastern states and the United States of America has gained prominence, the operationalization of which is questionable. This particular organization is of interest not only because of its recent emergence but also because of the part its operationalization (or lack thereof), its aims and goals, and its possible and plausible results could play in redefining regional stature and dynamics; which can also consequently have an impact on the global order, at large. This essay attempts to discuss and analyse the future of the Middle Eastern Strategic Alliance. It takes into account three different contextual viewpoints to examine the aforementioned; the first viewpoint takes a general approach in studying the trends in terms of where the alliance is headed; the second viewpoint takes into account a possible regional development/threat I.e. Iran’s aspirations towards developing a full-fledged nuclear program and thus achieving nuclear capability and examines the impact it would have on the viability of the Middle Eastern Strategic Alliance; the third and last viewpoint appraises MESA through the lens of the approaching presidential elections in the United States of America and examines the survivability of the alliance should the reins of rule shift to a different party.

A cautious rebound in China's auto industry

By Iram Khan. 

As COVID-19 continues to subside in China, good news from one industry after another is making headlines. The latest being an unexpected jump in car sales. China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) has announced that premium and luxury car sales grew 28 percent year on year in May. 

Rohingya crisis in Myanmar can end with this Chinese project

Faheem Sarwar. 

The Rohingya crisis in Myanmar has a solution. China is constructing mega infrastructure projects in Asia and beyond under its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). One such project has landed in Myanmar’s coastal town of Kyaukpyu. 

Great power competition heats up with US deployment in the Pacific

Javed Ali.

With the announcement of a new US deployment in the Pacific region, great power competition is back on the global forefront. US military was engaged for decades in counter-insurgency operations in the Middle East but policymakers are now faced with a challenge that echoes the post World War II era.