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Monday 1 April 2024

US-China Relations Newsletter: April 2024


  • Joe Biden and Xi Jinping speak over phone 
  • Chinese Premier calls US and China to be partners, not adversaries 
  • US Secretary of State visits China 
  • US and China should be 'partners,' Xi tells Blinken 
  • US has seen evidence of Chinese influence in US elections, Blinken tells CNN 
  • US Assistant Secretary of State visits China, discusses Middle East, Taiwan, South China Sea 
  • China and Russia veto US resolution on Gaza 
  • US losing spot to China as Southeast Asia's most favored ally, ISEAS survey finds 
  • Biden, along with Philippines and Japan, warns China over South China Sea moves  
  • US aid for Taiwan 'will only increase tensions,' China says 
  • China accuses the US and Japan of “smear campaign”
  • China terms US' and Japan's concern over China's nuclear policy a false narrative 
  • US and China defence ministers in first significant contact since 2022 
  • US Navy flies aircraft through Taiwan Strait a day after US-China defense talks 
  • China opposes U.S. deployment of medium-range ballistic missiles in Asia-Pacific 
  • FBI says Chinese hackers preparing to attack US infrastructure 
  • US, Philippines, Australia, and Japan hold joint drills in South China Sea 
  • US drafting sanctions on Chinese banks aiding Russia war effort 
  • China has contacted the US about space-related matters, US Space Command chief confirms  
  • Biden calls for tripling tariffs on Chinese metals  
  • US treasury secretary visits China  
  • Biden signs TikTok ban bill into law 
  • China sanctions 2 US defence companies over sales to Taiwan 
  • China slams US move to investigate Its shipbuilding industry 
  • China facilitating, subsidizing US fentanyl crisis, says House committee 
  • China tells telecom carriers to phase out foreign chips 
  • Netherlands set to comply with US demands on chip exports to China 
  • IPR infringement still main concern in China, US says 
  • US warns China over inexpensive green energy goods 
  • China's wheat imports from the US could decline in 2024 
  • U.S. airlines and unions ask officials to pause China flight increases 
  • US-China economic working group meeting held in Washington 
  • Tensions between Beijing and Washington are the biggest worry for US companies in China, report says 

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