Great power competition heats up with US deployment in the Pacific

Policymakers are faced with a challenge that echoes the post World War II era.

Javed Ali is a contributing writer.

Short of full-blown war, US and Iran have let sense prevail

The US and Iran have prevented their altercation from expanding.

Ashraf Qureshi is a contributing writer.

No Surprise: The US has already accessed Russian hypersonic missiles

Russia's deployment of hypersonic missiles does not come as a surprise.

Faheem Sarwar is a contributing writer.

Finally, a breakthrough in US-Iran relations

The breakthrough comes when President Trump needs support for his approach to foreign policy.

Saleem Zahid is a contributing writer.

All that we know of phase one US-China trade deal so far

Details of the deal continue to trickle in since the final draft is still not out.

Faheem Sarwar is a contributing writer.

US policies that gave birth to the Russia-China gas pipeline

The Russia-China gas pipeline is bringing the two Asian nations closer than ever before.

Javed Ali is a contributing writer.

The legacy of Henry Kissinger’s ‘Diplomacy’

'Diplomacy' is one of the most influential works of the former US Secretary of State.

Assawer Toheed is an undergraduate student majoring in Politics and International Relations from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. She can be reached at

US risks losing popularity in Pakistan by censuring CPEC

Alice Wells showed concern as China is expanding its investment in Pakistan where the US is…

Hayat Bangash is the chief editor at Eastern Brief.

No new war is coming to the Middle East

The United States, the Middle East and the world, all cannot afford one.

Javed Ali is a contributing writer.