Great power competition heats up with US deployment in the Pacific

Policymakers are faced with a challenge that echoes the post World War II era.

Short of full-blown war, US and Iran have let sense prevail

The US and Iran have prevented their altercation from expanding.

No Surprise: The US has already accessed Russian hypersonic missiles

Russia's deployment of hypersonic missiles does not come as a surprise.

The war in Libya might escalate beyond its borders

External factors are likely to push the conflict beyond its borders.

High expectations from the Japan, South Korea, China summit

Japan and South Korea will be joining China to decide how to handle North Korea's nuclear…

Turkey’s place in a 70 year old NATO

Turkey's place in the 70-year-old NATO has become a matter of international debate.

Protests in Hong Kong get innovative – and dangerous too

With each passing week, new methods of violence are popping up in the largely leaderless movement.

Riyadh Agreement is making an impact

Riyadh Agreement is finally making an impact on the lives of people who suffered from the…

Japan and Russia have to move on from Kuril Islands

Japan-Russia relations have been associated with the dispute at the Kuril Islands for several years.

The Syria safe zone is a master stroke by Erdogan

At the center stage of the Middle East’s geopolitics is neither Saudi Arabia nor Iran.