Myth of co-existence amid the rise of populism

Populism attracts conflicts and divides people.

Ramsha Qaiser is a graduate from Quaid-e-Azam university with majors in international relations. She loves to sit with a cup of coffee to pen down her thoughts. She is keen towards finding potential solutions to problems that concern the world. She can be reached on Twitter at

Future of the Middle Eastern Strategic Alliance

MESA is the recent American venture in the Middle East.

Assawer Toheed is an undergraduate student majoring in Politics and International Relations from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. She can be reached at

A cautious rebound in China’s auto industry

As COVID-19 subsides, there's good news from one industry after another.

The author is a commentator on international and commercial issues.

Rohingya crisis in Myanmar can end with this Chinese project

A BRI project has landed in Myanmar's coastal town of Kyaukpyu.

Faheem Sarwar is a contributing writer.

Great power competition heats up with US deployment in the Pacific

Policymakers are faced with a challenge that echoes the post World War II era.

Javed Ali is a contributing writer.

Faults in Japan’s legal system in spotlight with Ghosn case

Carlos Ghosn brings the faults in Japan's legal system under global spotlight.

Saleem Zahid is a contributing writer.

Short of full-blown war, US and Iran have let sense prevail

The US and Iran have prevented their altercation from expanding.

Ashraf Qureshi is a contributing writer.

No Surprise: The US has already accessed Russian hypersonic missiles

Russia's deployment of hypersonic missiles does not come as a surprise.

Faheem Sarwar is a contributing writer.

A Hitler is reborn in India

Indian Muslims are looking at the civilized world to save them from a Hitler.

Hayat Bangash is the chief editor at Eastern Brief.

The war in Libya might escalate beyond its borders

External factors are likely to push the conflict beyond its borders.

Javed Ali is a contributing writer.