China makes headway in the 5G race

In the 5G race, China has made a new headway by launching the service commercially.

Battling fake news in Thailand

Thailand has unveiled a center dedicated to finding and reacting to fake news online.

Reaching out to China with the situation in Hong Kong

A moment of reflection for countries that advertise their ethos as the only way for progress.

Japan-South Korea tension sees a ray of hope

The Japan-South Korea tensions are finally seeing a thaw after straining the region's economy.

China’s latest commitment to free trade

China will uphold the international free trade system.

Climate change in Vietnam is changing lives

All geographical areas in Vietnam are feeling the brunt of climate change.

The masks in Hong Kong come off

Hong Kong chief executive used her emergency powers to ban the masks.

Artificial Intelligence in China is not the future – it’s the present

The age of Artificial Intelligence in China has arrived.

Chinese civil aviation industry going stronger than you think

In under 4 years, China will be the world’s largest civil aviation market.